What to Do If You're Unable to Read Odia on Your Android

If you are unable to read Odia or if you get only boxes in place of Odia fonts in your Android device, don't fret. That only means that  it does not support the language. So what you need to do is simply install Odia font in your Android smart phone; one otjer way is to root it, but it’s not without cons.

Rooting Android means breaking and getting full rights into the entire operating system of your Android device. If done right it can turn you into a super user and open a wealth of opportunities with your handheld device with almost endlrss possibilities.. But, rooting in the first place is a complex process and definitely not for a newbie, as rooting leads to loss of warranty, security issues and a wrong move can turn it into a paperweight.

Android rooting is  basically  not advisable as it is bit complicated and turns your phone warranty void, advised by the experts. And by  far the easiest way to read Odia is by installing Firefox Browser for your android mobile instead.

The Odia fonts are supported only in the latest android 5.1.1 update, but many people are  using android devices with older version and they may not have Odia fonts and can see only the boxes. There are many people seeking help to resolve this problem on social media ike Twitter and Facebook. With missing Odia fonts in the device,  people may end up writing Odia in Roman script.

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An Awesome Free Andriod App

As fas as the smartphones functionalities go, it has evolved into more diverse and heavily used tools nowadays. Smartphones are definitely used by some as controller, it can be used to control computers remotely with the right apps installed on both devices, but there may be cases where you want to do the opposite, which is to control a smartphone from a computer.

Now there's one new app for Android that allows users to do exactly that - to manage the Android device from a computer. However, the app is only available for Android devices, which simply means it can’t be used to operate an iPhone or any other iOS devices, exclusively for Adroid.

The app is named Dubbed Vysor and was created by Koushik Dutta, a well-known developer who has made various other interesting Android apps, including AllCast, Rom Manager, Voice Plus and others.

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Probable Solution for Samsung Galaxy S6 RAM

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Android Flashlight Apps: A Mobile Threat

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How to root the LG Optimus L70 lg-d320

Step 1) Download One Click Root and install it on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer

Step 2) Pick up your LG Optimus L70 lg-d320 and enable USB debugging from the settings menu

Step 3) Connect LG Optimus L70 lg-d320 to your computer via your USB cable

Step 4) Run the One Click Root software and wait for the rooting process to be completed

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Root Your Android Device

A handful of years ago, rooting Android was surprisingly difficult. You had to adhere to difficult installation directions on the net. You had to download files from weird, shady-looking web sites. You had to hope and pray that all of the weird stuff you had been doing didn’t brick your phone.
It was a diverse time.

Nowadays, rooting Android is easier than ever. Some would even say it’s surprisingly uncomplicated. Because of AndroidRoot.us.com and A single Click Root, a growing number of Android customers are discovering the joys on the rooted Android practical experience.

Advantages of Rooting Android

Eliminate Undesirable Bloatware: Carriers and manufacturers like pre-installing crappy bloatware in your device. Fight back against this bloatware by rooting your device and uninstalling undesirable bloatware apps. With out rooting, these apps are stuck on your device forever.

Safely Overclock Efficiency: Overclocking performance on Android is easy just after rooting. Apps like Set CPU allow you to easily overclock your CPU when you will need it most, the underclock it when not necessary in order to save battery life.

Raise Battery Life: Just about every smartphone user complains about battery life. There’s normally room for improvement. Installing apps like Greenify and Juice Defender is really a terrific method to appreciate superior battery life on your Android device.

Install Any App You want: Immediately after Android rooting is comprehensive, you can install any app you'd like. You understand how some apps around the Play Store say they’re not out there for the device? That ordinarily just implies your nation, manufacturer, or carrier has restricted that app for an unknown explanation. Rooting lets you effortlessly get around this challenge.

Tether With no Costs: Tethering allows you to connect other devices for your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. US carriers charge charges for this “privilege”. Rooting allows you to tether without charges and take full benefit of mobile data everywhere you go.

More rapidly Boot Times: Removing all that bloatware has massive effects on your startup times. You may shave 10 to 15 seconds off your average startup just after rooting - and that is just from removing unwanted bloatware apps.

Back Up Everything: Generally, an Android backup does not back up your entire device. Just after rooting, you'll be able to conveniently backup and restore each single file, document, app, and app information byte in your device.

For all of these causes, an increasing number of Android users are selecting to root their devices.